Why Video Marketing has become indispensable for your brand?

“If content is king, video is the crown”

Bill gates

Online marketing trends keep on changing every year. To keep up with the latest trends one should regularly keep updating their content strategy. Video is one of these latest trends and has become an integral part of digital marketing in the past 2-3 years.The industry people have understood the power of video, but as the platform of videos keep changing and evolving, they need to shift their strategies along with the paradigm. Video marketing is one of the most tried and tested trending digital practices this year (2019). So to stay ahead in the competition, content marketers need to focus on top video trends.

Why Video marketing is effective?

It is an effective and fascinating marketing tool that has the power of storytelling through vision and sound. These attributes help to give a vivid life to a brand’s products and services.Consumers like video content because it can be engaging, entertaining, empathetic and educational, and digital marketers like it because it can give them a high return on their investment (ROI) through multiple channels.

What does statistics say about video marketing?

Videos are the most popular content type on social media. As a proof, check the video statistics of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Youtube. YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world. This platform has 182.2 million unique viewers per month, and is marketer’s favorite platform for video advertising

According to the latest Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) complete forecast, it is estimated that by the year 2021:

  • 80% of all Internet traffic will be through videos
  • Internet video users will be nearly 1.9 billion
  • And per month, the users will be watching 3 trillion minutes of video

Video marketing when used strategically has proved beneficial for both marketers and consumers. Check the statistics below to get a better understanding of the statement.

  • For business:
  • 97% of marketers have said that video has helped users in better understanding of products and services.
  • And 76% of marketers have said that it has helped them to increase their sales.
  • For consumers:
  • 95% of consumers have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.
  • 81% of consumers have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Why is video marketing outranking other content type?

The beauty of video is such that it brings together two things that grab the human attention, one is audio, and the other is movement. Both these features play a significant role in conveying a powerful message. Our brain is conditioned in a manner that it can retain visual content better than a textual content.

To get an answer to the above question, check out the following statistics.

  • Viewers who watch a video can retain 95% of the message conveyed when compared to reading text, which is around 10%.
  • An average user spends around 88% more time on a website that has a video.
  • Videos on social media initiates 1200% more shares than text and images combined together.
  • Blog posts having video embedded attracts 3 times more inbound links than those without video.
  • If video is combined with full-page ads it can boost engagement rate by 22%.
  • 51% of marketing professionals worldwide prefer video content and believe it can fetch the best ROI.

What are the different types of videos trending in 2019?

Here are 6 different and popular video marketing trends in 2019.

  1. Storytelling: Storytelling is an art and can be used to highlight the usefulness of your product or can demonstrate how it can improve the lives of those people who buy it — customers will surely respond. This same principle is applied to draw audiences to a movie theater and can also draw new clients to your brand.
  2. Short Video Ads:  To fit into the growing trend of mobile video and short videos,Google originated this trend back in the year 2016 and launched YouTube’s 6-second “bumper” ads. Most people would just watch the countdown on a long video ad until they could click the “skip” button.
  3. Live videos – Live streaming videos are gaining popularity in Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels. Research shows that live videos attract and engage more audience and can hold them back for a longer time than prerecorded videos. 80% of users will watch a live video than reading a blog. And 82% would prefer live video of a brand than social posts.
  4. Video is going VR: Virtual reality is a technology that makes viewers feel that they are a part of the video. VR is making its mark not only in education, healthcare, business, marketing, social media and gaming but also in many other sections. The global market for VR software and hardware is supposed to reach $22.4 billion by 2020.
  5. Long format video content: Content marketing is defined as providing right content, to right audience and at the right time. It should be informative, entertaining and at the same time try to put across the brands message through product description. A 3-5 minute engaging video can bring out the brands message and hit the right cord of the customer. This can be done in a form of a short movie, or an internal team describing a product or opening a product for the first time to review it. Long format video content with the right message may help to increase traffic organically.
  6. SEO Friendly video content: AI and the use of subtitles are making videos more searchable. AI transcribes the audio tracks of the video with voice recognition to make it searchable. In August 2018, Google added auto-playing video previewsto their search results on Android devices. When people searched, relevant videos would appear at the top of their search results and they could see 6 seconds preview of the video. SEO friendly video content can convince potential customers and also increase search ranking.

Video as the future of Digital Marketing

If digital marketers can successfully integrate video into their content marketing then it will help to promote deeper engagement with their customers. They should master the art of storytelling – because great stories can help them connect with the target audience. The video landscape is changing, and your strategies should shift along with it. So are you combining video with your content marketing strategy? Please share what all-different video trends you are following for your company – and what is working and what isn’t?