Remarketing / Retargeting Services

Re-engage qualified customers to drive more conversions

Remarketing is a very powerful marketing tool and when done correctly can benefit your business in a big way. Madlab has an in-house team of qualified professionals in Myanmar, who will handle all types of remarketing campaigns for you, be it standard remarketing campaigns, dynamic remarketing campaigns, remarketing for your mobile apps or search ads, remarketing for videos, email list remarketing, Google remarketing, Facebook remarketing and more.

We can help you boost your online advertising efforts through reliable and affordable Pay Per Click Remarketing Services that are aimed at targeting qualified audience and helping business owners reach out to prospective customers that visited your website but left without buying their products and services. Our experts design highly-targeted remarketing campaigns that bring back you lost sales opportunities and increase your conversions, sales as well as return on investment.

We work by creating a list of target prospects with common characteristics and buying patterns, before targeting them with ads. With us, your ads will appear on pages that may not be relevant to your product, but to your audience.



remarketing myanmar
retargeting myanmar

Benefits of Remarketing

Remarketing offers many benefits related to lead generation and brand building. These include-

  • Overall better site conversions and sales
  • Improved relevancy of your advertisements
  • Reduced creep factor (Limits can be set)
  • Brand recall improvement
  • Connecting with the most qualified leads in effective manner
  • Bringing high probabilty customers back

On average, only two percent of your website visitors will convert into a solid lead. Don’t give up on the other 98 percent—send them hyper-targeted ads and email campaigns via remarketing services.




Popular Remarketing Channels

Madlab has worked with most remarketing channels to create an effective strategy as per the client. We will help you implement and execute the best suited channel for optimum conversions

Google's Search and Display Remarketing

Employ the biggest paid adverstising network to remarket for your brand

Facebook Remarketing

Highly targeted and effective remarketing on the most visited social media platform

3rd Party Ad Networks like Adroll, Retargeter

Specialized online platforms covering a large chunk of websites to facilitate your retargeting goals

Want to get 70% better conversions with effective Remarketing techniques? Get in touch with us.