Influencer Marketing Services

Build strategic influencer marketing campaigns that insert your brand directly in the path of your future customers

Influencer marketing is quickly becoming one of the top methods for brands to generate higher returns on their marketing strategy. This is clearly effective because 83% of consumers trust the recommendations from people they know, according to Nielsen. These facts make it compelling for brands to use influencer marketing services to reach out to their audience through the people they are most likely to trust. You could efficiently tell your story through top influencers in your niche with the help of our influencer marketing services.

Influencer marketing is an emerging digital strategy that has the potential to reach new audiences and build brand affinity through authentic content and partnerships. While it is a new and developing tactic, it’s a powerful tool to connect with targeted audiences. But it takes expertise to get true value out of your campaigns.

With influencer marketing, your brand goes beyond display ads to become part of the social conversation. Your message is integrated directly into the content stream of the blog, videos, photos and updates in the voice of a trusted influencer. Every post is unique in perspective, tone and authority, creating a personalized message for the influencer’s audience.

Madlab develops tailored strategies to meet client objectives and goals. Our experience with sought-after influencers from a range of industries helps us avoid common pitfalls and deliver exciting results.



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ROI-Driven Influencer Marketing

Our approach to influencer marketing looks at each type of influencer and recommends a strategy that is tailored to your brand, works with your budget and delivers real, tangible results.

Our services include:

• Metric reports tracking genuine engagement
• A multi-pronged approach using micro-influencers as well as bigger names
• Data-gathering to identify relevant micro-tribes
• Creating multiple, targeted campaigns

Content and Influencer marketing are top on effectiveness ratings



How We Build Influencer Campaigns?

We setup influencer campaigns for companies in Myanmar by carefully planning and researching relevant segments.

Requirement and Campaign Analysis

We strategize on the finer details and requirements of the final goals and accodingly chart a campaign with effective approach and messaging.

Researching Influencers

Research and identify target influencer partners based on demographics, performance data, and content quality that will best fit the campaign objectives

Pitching the Influencers

The process of bidding and negotiating with influencers is undertaken to provide best deals to the clients

Content and Analytics

Once the influencers are sealed, we create the relevant content and constantly monitor the ROI of the influencer campaign

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